About Us

Biostewards Inc. is a Canadian corporation that is a privately owned holding company in the natural resources, clean tech, renewable energy and bio-product sectors. BioStewards was established in 2013 by founder Thomas Hobby, who has over 25 years’ experience in the natural resources sector who is passionate about creating companies that are good for people, the environment and the economy. Hobby started the company with the goal of ‘creating value, innovating stewardship’, which is based on his applied research, entrepreneurial, and innovation experience that collectively, seeks to  build businesses that apply ‘best  stewardship practices’ for natural resources companies that are based on  evidence-based science. Our business seeks to become involved in companies that have the potential to significantly improve the local and global environmental conditions through innovative natural resource management, and we seek to accelerate the commercial opportunities that supports innovative technologies and practices that provide the greatest risk adjusted return for investors, and we assist companies to become industry leaders.